Hello - my name is Roger McAuliffe. 


I'm an Australian painter and graphic artist living in the Victorian Central Highlands.


Over many years I've become adept in various painting and illustration genres. One I particularly enjoy is painting portraits of people's homes.      

That interest inspired the idea of doing moonlit night scenes of houses, which I call Home Glow paintings. (See HOME page).


In contrast to a daytime painting of your house (See example on HOME page), a Home Glow painting takes me less time and is less expensive.




Home Glow paintings are available in just one size - 50cm x 40 cm - painted in acrylic on a stretched canvas frame, which is ready to hang without framing. (Of course you can have it framed yourself later if you wish).




I paint your Home GLow painting from two photographs you send me by post or email. Ideally the two photographs would be the same view of your home - one taken in normal daylight and the second one in late afternoon or early evening, with a few - or many - lights on.


The second photo would be something like these:













































The Home Glow painting I do for you will be a stylised night-time   impression of your home - as shown on the HOME page of this website.         It will not be a detailed daytime realistic rendition of your home - but it     will be recognisable as your house.


Once your Home Glow painting is done, I ship it to you in protective packaging, which is included in the purchase price.



The delivered price of a 50cm x 40cm Home Glow painting is                    $450 (Australian dollars) payable in advance.



For more information please email me:   roger@mcauliffecreative.com