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OCKATOO - The cocky parrot

Australian sulphur-crested cockatoo cartoon character. Downunder an 'Ocka' is an uncouth, uncultivated Aussie who tends to overuse slang (colloquial) expressions, such as "It's cactus!" meaning something is dead or broken. They also have a penchant (not a word they would use or even understand) for puns and wordplays, and rhyming slang, such as 'Joe Blake' for 'Snake'. Ockatoo spends most of his time watching TV and commenting on anything that amuses him and making appropriate (or inappropriate) comments. 

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A continuous quest to find the least-used statement in the English language - things you are unlikely to ever hear or read. Each panel is a contender for the title of Rarest Phrase in the World for 2022.


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Nameplays are worplays on people's names, which are

presented as brainteaser puzzles. Using the clues in the drawing the objective is to figure out the keynote speaker's first name.


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