How it works
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A nameplay is a wordplay that matches a person's name and their field of expertise.

The cartoon above is a typical example. It shows a keynote speaker at a lectern giving a talk on his particular topic of expertise, which is identified on the banner above his head.


HIs name, on the front of the lectern, is a nameplay.

                    Topic:  MALARIA PREVENTION

                    Name:  AMOS KEETO (A mosquito)

NAMEPLAY PUZZLE  (On the Home page)

In a nameplay puzzle the keynote speaker's first name has been removed from the front of the lectern. The challenge is to figure out what that missing first name is, using the clues in the cartoon.



Phonetics play a big part. If you think you've got the missing first name, it helps to say the full name aloud to see if it works. Also, first names can be nicknames. And surnames can look and sound multi-cultural. Combined, they form a wordplay.