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McAuliffe Creative provides professional creative services in three areas:


1. Inventive product ideas

We come up with concepts to order for all kinds of products and devices. The Terra Australis golf course concept and the Rocker-Bye-Baby chair on the Home page are good examples. 


2. Graphic humour  

Graphic humour can be anything that's a drawing or graphic design with a degree of wit, but isn't a cartoon. The Barely Legible T-Shirt on the Home page is a good example. Of course, we also provide straight out cartoons.

3. Concept Services 

We create concepts and ideas to order for cartoonists, illustrators, graphic designers and humour book publishers. 

Creative Credentials

Roger McAuliffe is a former advertising copywriter, graphic artist and Creative Director with more than

45 years experience in major ad agencies and graphic design studios.

Roger has a passion for inventive thinking and innovative endeavours. He is constantly coming up with and visualising creative ideas, either for himself or for the many clients who avail themselves of his  imagination and graphic skills.



Another string to Roger's creative bow is his skill

as a painter. He has worked professionally as a pet portrait painter and landscape artist.

Below is a painting Roger did of his son, Callan McAuliffe (in his younger days), with Yonda.


Roger New Colour pic.jpg
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