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Hi everyone!


Chatty Babbler

(Yappus unrelentae)

I want to tell you about our fabulous book, What Kid is That?  

                                                                            That's it over there on your right, with

the Chirpy Yawn on the cover.


If you ever need to understand or communicate with small children, our book is just what you need.


It's jam-packed full of different kinds of little kids - from the weird ones to the funny ones to the grumpy ones.


It's like a bird watchers' guide ... only it's got kids in it, not birds! So all our personality type names sort of sound like birds. And we each have a silly-Latin 'scientific' name too.


Below are just 10 of the 40 kids in the book.




Chirpy Yawn cover.jpg

     Trembling Fret

 (Alarmus apprehensia)

      Clawed Scratcher

   (Venomus maliciosae)

      Craving Needy

   (Desperati praisiata)

        Pesky Niggle

   (Irritatus continuata)

       Spotty Grotty

   ( Neglectus parentae)

         Boring Yawn

  (Ho-hummus tediosa)

       Lurking Klepto

     (Pinchus sneakiata)

         Hazy Fuzzy

   (Dreamus hypnotica)

             Restless Flit

   (Escapus claustrophobi)

        Organic Nutty

   (Alternatae naturalis)

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