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'Mongrels' is what dogs call humans

who don't like dogs and who gleefully

come up with ways to upset them.

Cats On The Couch

What your cat is really thinking. (The realists among us suspect, correctly, that it's neither kind nor flattering).

Fry Me Kangaroo Brown, Sport

An illustrated book of delicious recipes

with the feature ingredient being the

flesh of native Australian wildlife. 

Thank God!

101 things to thank God don't exist, like WOOFTER'S SYNDROME, which causes

sufferers to react bizarrely to dog barks.    

Insult Therapy Handbook

A godsend for anyone who is too easily offended and unable to cope with being mocked, criticised or villified.

Parody of self-help books on strategies and philosophies about how to live your life. Born For Fun is a novella that proposes that all humans are born with an irrepressible sense of humour - facilitated by the introduction of a Biopsychic Embryo Joke Detector Gene into the human genome. 

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