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Terra Australis Golf Course

Terra Australis Golf Course


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Deliberately hard-to-read scrawled messages on T-Shirts - a fun way to start conversations at parties. The shirt above says: Hello I must be going

CATS ON THE COUCH  What your cat is really thinking when it gazes indolently at you from its favourite couch or armchair.

Concept for a humour book about cats and their owners. All a single-panel cartoon series for newspapers and magazines.


Brainteaser cartoon series  

NAMEPLAYS are fun wordplays on people's names, presented as a brainteaser puzzle. Using the clues

in the drawing, the task is to figure out the keynote speaker's first name. Answer: LOU Pole (Loophole).

(Click image for more Nameplays)

(Live website) 

RARE PHRASE is a continuous quest to find the least-used statements in English - things you're very unlikely to ever hear. Each Rare Phrase panel is a contender for the title of Rarest Phrase in the World for 2023. 

(Click image for Rare Phrase website)


Cartoon series featuring a cocky parrot

OCKATOO is an Australian sulphur-crested cockatoo character.


Downunder, an "Ocka" is an uncultivated Aussie who tends to overuse slang (colloquial) expressions, such as, "It's cactus!" meaning something is dead, or broken beyond repair. "Ockas" also have a penchant (not a word they word ever use, or even understand) for rhyming slang, such as "Joe Blake" for "Snake".


"Ockas" also love gags involving witty puns, like the cartoon above. Given the opportunity they always will proudly declare: 'I'm an ocka too.'

(Click image for more Ockatoos)

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